Neodymium magnetic assembly

Including NdFeB pot magnets, deep pot magnets
NdFeB channel magnets and self-adhesive magnets
With different shapes for different purpose
Nickel or Zinc plated

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Shuttering magnets

Shuttering magnets and other insert magnets
Consists of Neodymium magnets with strong holding force

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Hook magnets

For holding objects with hook
Consists of Neodymium magnets or Ferrite magnets
With plastic case or powder coated or nickel plated

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Magnetic Banner holder

Magnetic base with pole, clips or grippers
Attaching on metal surface to hold objects
Very easy and convenient to use

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Ferrite magnetic assembly

Including ferrite channel magnets and cup magnets
Mounting or attaching on metal surface to hold objects
Some items need to be fastened with screw bolt

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best seller

Ferrite pot magnets with hook. White powder coated.
Magnetic Banner Hanger
Ferrite Channel Magnet CHFL1K-W
Rubber coated NdFeB round base with male thread


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